Make the Connection

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of U.S. teens ages 13 to 18 have had boyfriends or girlfriends. Unfortunately, for many of these teens, these relationships are not always healthy.  

According to a Teen Relationships Abuse Survey conducted by Liz Claiborne, Inc. in 2006:

  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of teens in a dating relationship were dating someone who “acted really jealous and asked where they were all the time.”
  • Nearly half (47%) of teens who have dated have done something that compromised their own values in order to please their partner.
  • One in five  (21%) teens who have been in a dating relationship have been with a partner who tried to prevent them from seeing family or friends.
  • Three out of five (61%) teens who have dated said that they’ve had a boyfriend or girlfriend who made them feel bad or embarrassed about themselves.
  • Nearly one-third (30%) of teens who have been in a dating relationship reported being worried about their personal physical safety in a relationship.
  • A concerning 15% of teens who have been in a relationship have been hit, slapped, or pushed by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Make a Difference

Start by educating yourself and your community:

  • Familiarize yourself with this site and learn how to Step Up and Speak Out to support teens in your family and community.

Step up and get involved:

Speak out and be an active bystander:

  • Step up if you see a teen or adult treating others in a disrespectful manner.
  • Speak out against inappropriate jokes.

Learn more ways to Step Up and Speak Out!