How to Step Up and Speak Out

This is by no means an all inclusive list of ways to prevent sexual and domestic violence in your communities.  This is simply a list of possibilities to provide you with a place to start. 

  • Speak out against inappropriate jokes.
  • Step up and learn about the resources in your area.
  • Step up and volunteer at your local domestic violence/sexual assault program. 
  • Speak out against sexist comments about a woman's apperance. 
  • Step up and avoid using drugs and alcohol. 
  • Speak out and keep your friends accountable against violence. 
  • Step up and learn about domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Step up and ask your school or library to purchase books about living without violence. 
  • Speak out and treat men and women with respect.
  • Step upbe the example other look to. 
  • Speak out and write letters to your elected officials about all forms of violence hurting teens.
  • Speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Step up and speak out if you think something is violent and abusive.
  • Step up and know your limits.  Get help if you think you need it. 

Remember there are no quick fixes to domestic violence and sexual assault.  By stepping up and speaking out, we can begin to create change.